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3D Cow marvels at the Art Exhibition Centre, HongKong
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A strong perception about 3D printers is that its function is restricted to making only prototypes, outer shells and showpieces. Well, there is more to 3D printing than anybody can think of and it is a continuously evolving process with new utilities like this being discovered every day. On April 27th, at the Community Culture & Art exhibition held in Sha Tin, Saigon, Hongkong, a life-size cow sculpture printed by Print-Rite CoLiDoTM drew attention of a large crowd of media guests and onlookers.

The cattle sculpture printed by Print-Rite CoLiDoTM 3D printers became the focus of attention at the Exhibition.

The cattle sculpture is prototyped on a painting [Reference: Also Aboriginals] jointly created by artist Huang Deming and Huang Zeyuan. The work depicts a stray cattle living in the Saigon area. At the exhibition, Huang Deming said that on holidays tourists often spot cattle in small groups in Saigon. These wandering cattle have been a part of local agriculture. But, as the agricultural industry began to decline 30 years ago, most of the cattle was abandoned. He hoped that this work could serve as a reminder of respect for life.
After learning about Mr. Huang´s wishes, Print-Rite wanted to assist him in his mission. The sculpture, on a 1:1 scale, was created using the 3D scanner and the advanced CoLiDoTM 3D printer. It stands as a vivid demonstration of the significance of respect for life and animal protection.

Published on: 2017-09-22

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