Print-Rite Bio-based Toner Cartridges are made from reusable bio-plastics with a bio-based toner made of organic materials. The Bio-based Toner Cartridge is certified by TÜV Austria, with more than 20% bio-based content to the product, lowering its CO2 footprint. In this way, the Bio-based Toner Cartridges are specially designed printer toner cartridges to respond to the call of protecting the Earth.




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The Importance of Print-Rite Bio-based Toner Cartridges

With the enhancement of environmental awareness and the serious pollution of the environment, some environmental protection measures are being introduced and taken. However, there is a long way to go.

Print-Rite, with social responsibility, is committed to protecting the environment and conducting sustainable development. Now Print-Rite has introduced Bio-based Toner Cartridges, which shows the determination of Print-Rite to protect the environment.

In addition to their IP safe and high quality, Print-Rite also stresses the significance of environmental friendliness. In other words, Print-Rite Bio-based Toner Cartridges enjoy some competitive advantages compared to other printer toner cartridges.

  • Certified by TUV

TUV is a highly recognized certificate for products with reliable quality. Print-Rite Bio-based Toner Cartridges are certified by TUV, so their quality can be trusted.

  • Environmental-friendly

Print-Rite Bio-based Toner Cartridges consist of around 57% bio-based content. For example, PLA is a biodegradable material, so that Print-Rite Bio-based Toner Cartridges can decompose in landfill conditions after 90-180 days. Moreover, Print-Rite Bio-based Toner Cartridges release fewer greenhouse gases, CO2, and toxic gases than traditional printer toner cartridges.

As a professional compatible printer toner cartridge supplier with social responsibility, Print-Rite has always dedicated itself to developing green printer toner cartridges.














Bio-based Series Toner Cartridges

The following compatible toner cartridges are made for HP printers from Bio-based series, which enjoy high quality and environmental friendliness.


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