Optimize Your Printing Performance with Print-Rite’s
Compatible Drum Unit for CAN Series

GPR-53 / GPR-64 / GPR-65 / GPR-66 / GPR-67
NPG-67 / NPG-86 / NPG-87 / NPG-88 / NPG-89 / NPG-90
C-EXV49 / C-EXV54 / C-EXV62 / C-EXV63 / C-EXV64 / C-EXV65 / C-EXV66 / C-EXV67
  • Consistent printing performance throughout its lifespan
  • Good compatibility with printers, high-quality image transfer, and excellent document printing
  • Enhance your print quality with Print-Rite’s toner cartridge and drum unit

*Estimated useful life for printing may vary according to printer or other conditions.

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