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How to Fix Brother Printer Not Recognize Compatible Cartridges
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Perhaps you are facing kind of situations, such as printer unworkable with a compatible cartridge? Here are some clues for your better understanding.

Why my new BRO printer cannot detect the COMPATIBLE cartridge and function the printing?

Since Oct. 2017, BRO launched new generation printer series BRO HL-L2, DCP-L2 MFC-L2 series (Cartridge model: TN730/ 760/ TN770/ 2410/ 2420/ 2450 etc.) and equipped with a chip to the corresponding cartridge. The chip plays an important role in communicating with the printer and feedback the cartridge printing status.
Every chip in cartridge has to feedback the request command from printer correctly to build up the communication. While the feedback is delayed or not meet the printer database, the chip will fail to be detected by printers.
After investigation and analyzation, the OEM has adopted a unique and special algorithm engine while designing the printer system. Through controlling the printer hardware while new printer production, the OEM can pre-set new request command as they want to. That means, it is unpredictable to the existing database of compatible chips if they can match the new command from a new manufactured Brother printer. However, when new command is disclosed, the aftermarket solution might come out following.

After matching the detected chip and resume printing, will the chip detect fail again if I use another new compatible cartridge?

Possibly not, if you don’t change another brand new printer.
1) After the communication between a printer and compatible chip is successful connected, it is hard to change during the printing. (Better not to change another compatible cartridge seller.)
2) Tested and confirmed all firmware released on official site for now, no defect to the printing and chip recognized. (However, for suggestion, try not to download the new firmware to upgrade your own printer is a better way to maintain your normal printing.)

What can I do if I meet the chip undetected?

1) If printer shows “Cannot detect”, please take out your cartridge.
print-rite, print guide, Brother printer
Check and photo the printer manufactured date as shown.
print-rite, print guide, Brother printer
Contact your cartridge seller to get the matched chip.
(Be reliable, we produce our cartridge with the chip which we have tested to match the widest sell in the market.)

2) Take off the chip from the finished cartridge and install it into new cartridge. (Pay attention, each chip is printing duty limited)

How many laser printer models (and cartridge models) will be included in discussion above?

1) Mono Laser Printer Series:
BRO HL-L2350DW/ L2390DW/ L2395DW/ L2357DW/ L2370DN/ L2370DW/ L2310D/ L2375DW/ L2385DW/ L2370DW XL
BRO DCP-L2550DN/ L2550DW/ L2510D/ L2530DW/ L2535DW/ L2537DW
BRO MFC-L2710DN/ L2710DW/ L2713DW/ L2715DW/ L2730DW/ L2750DW/ L2770DW/ L2750DW XL
Cartridge model: TN730/ 760/ 770; TN2410/ 2420; TN2430/ 2450/ 2454; TN2411/ 2421/ 2426

2) Color Laser Printer Series:
BRO HL-L3210CW/ HL-L3230CDN/ HL-L3230CDW/ HL-L3270CDW
Cartridge model: TN223/ 227; TN243/ 247; TN253/ 257


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Published on: 2019-04-23

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