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How to Choose Correct Chip Model for Samsung Printer
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Sometimes we are confused about the chip region when we are choosing compatible chips for Samsung printers. Actually, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) divides the product region for common products mainly for six regions, saying that EUR, EXP, MEA, DOM, KOR, KORG, CN.

How can I confirm the correct chip region?
Take Samsung MLT-D203 for example.
Press (Menu) > Information on the control panel. Select “Supplies Info.” to print out the page.
Then you can find chip region as follows.

print-rite, printer guide, chip for Samsung, toner chip

Some menus may not appear in the display depending on options or models. If so, it is not applicable to your machine. For another Samsung printer, you can press the red button on the printer until the signal light stop flashing to print supplies info. (Flashing for 5 times) (See below photo).

print-rite, printer guide, chip for Samsung, toner chip

How to resolve if the printer shows error?
Actually, the chip region for most of the compatible chips in the aftermarket can be shifted. If the printer shows “Toner cartridge is not installed. Install it”, open and close the printer cover at most 6 times. During this “open-and-close-the-printer-cover” action, the chip region will be shifted and locked to the correct region.

If the printer still cannot work, please check if any upgrade for the firmware.

print-rite, printer guide, chip for Samsung, toner chip

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Published on: 2019-01-03

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