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Remax Show Summary
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As Print-Rite stepped into its 35th anniversary this year, the occasion was marked with gala celebrations during the Recycling Times Remax Expo 2015, Zhuhai at the Zhuhai International Exhibition and Convention Centre, from 15th to 17th October 27, 2015. Print-Rite's participation in the Remax show this year held great significance as we officially, globally launched our CoLiDo? range of 3D printers during the 3D Global Printing Summit.

During the 3 days extravaganza at the Remax show, Print-Rite witnessed a huge upsurge in the number of visitors compared to last year. The inauguration of the expo for Print-Rite was done by the Vice Mayor of Zhuhai city, Mr. Wang Qingli and the Chairman of Print Rite, Mr. Arnald Ho.

Mr. Ho paid a tribute to Zhuhai city quoting that "Out of the 35 years of Print-Rite's existence, for 7 years the business has been based in Hong Kong and the remaining 28 years in Zhuhai. In Hong Kong I have my biological parents while in Zhuhai, I have my parents (the physical PR business establishment) who provide me and all Print-Rite members, our bread and butter". The welcome speech was followed by the unveiling of Print Rite's 35 years anniversary logo. Mr. Arnald Ho, Mr. Wang Qingli and two other Print-Rite's customers marked this occasion by stamping the in-house developed resin block logo of PR 35 years, on a collage of Print Rite team and raised a toast to all those present at the venue. The next event was the 3D Printing Global Summit; Mr. Ho officially launched Print Rite¡¦s CoLiDo? 3D printers. Mr. Philip So, the Technical Head of CoLiDoTM and Mr. Kieran Ho, Deputy General Manager of Utec, spoke about the birth and evolution of CoLiDoTM 3D printers, followed by speeches from two eminent industry experts, namely Mr. Charles Brewer, President of Actionable Intelligence magazine and Ms. Helen Duan, IP attorney, Innopat Intellectual Property Co. Ltd and three of CoLiDoTM's customers, Mr. Chris Wilson, Product Category Head of HobbyKing, Mr. Wang Jun of China and Mr. Dennis Haines of Badger, UK. They spoke about the changing horizon in the 2D printing industry and how the 3D printing is evolving at a faster-than-expected pace and changing the printing spectrum, particularly in sectors like manufacturing, medicine, education. A delicious buffet lunch was also organized for our distinguished guests. The 3D Experience Centre was saw huge crowds throughout the 3 days as people across all age groups were left dumbstruck with the dancing robots of various sizes, showpieces and other decor stuffs.

During these three days, many of the 3D objects developed by Print-Rite using CoLiDoTM Printers were showcased at our booth. The Cosplay turned out to be a big hit with the audience who patiently took turns to click pictures and selfies with the Cosplay team, guised as movie characters and sporting armors and clothes made from CoLiDoTM 3D printers. Another event which was a hit among the audience was the Lucky Draw contest. A total of 10 lucky winners during the Lucky draw contest won an Apple watch each, while there were several other consolation prizes for some other categories of the Lucky Draw contest.

Many people were seen flocking at the Print-Rite booth to watch the famous lady draped in a gown swinging and bending from a flex pole, coming within the reach of the audience, to share leaflets and pamphlets and swinging back high above again. Just as the curiosity of people was at their peak to experience these fun elements, so were their interests in the new SmarTact series of cartridges and CoLiDoTM 3D printers from Print-Rite. The primary discussion among the customers and staffs were regarding the patent issues being faced by so many companies across this industry and Print-Rite¡¦s proactive measures to face these issues and the related offerings. As the staffs explained Print-Rite's latest innovations and patents on PR-2 gear and Dongle gear, customers breathed a sigh of relief and showed tremendous confidence in us.

Overall, the response and feedback from the guests, visitors, existing and new customers and the participation of the Print Rite staff was truly overwhelming and the event turned out to be a major success. Next year should see us pushing ourselves a notch higher with a variety of new products being introduced in 2016 to protect the IP interests in this industry and also, our spirits rejuvenated.

Published on: 2015-10-30

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