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Press Release
Print-Rite comments on the ITC's determination in 337-1106
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The ITC has now agreed with the ITC Judge that Print-Rite’s accused products do not infringe the patents in the ITC matter. We are obviously pleased with this result and glad that we can continue to support our customers in the United States with quality, noninfringing product at a fair price. Throughout the ITC case, Print-Rite’s focus has been on the best interests of our customers. This is why Print-Rite, while defending the case, also acted quickly to develop a different solution (our new PR3) for our customers within a short period of time. The PR3 product was never even accused of infringing the patents at the ITC. Now, our customers have choices of noninfringing products.

Print-Rite has always respected third party’s intellectual property rights. It is the first rule of our investment in new product development. We continue to believe that OEM and compatible vendors are a natural match in the printing industry. There might be competition between the two but they are not each other’s enemy so long as each plays fairly. The ITC has helped to ensure that fairness with a correct reading of the patents at issue.

We are grateful for our customers’ patience and continued support through this process.

Published on: 2019-05-22

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