What is ISO/IEC 19798:2007?

ISO/IEC 19798:2017 is the ISO standard method for the determination of colour toner cartridge yields. It is very similar to ISO/IEC 19752:2017, which has been introduced previously. The ISO/IEC 19798:2017 test method sets similar guidelines of measurement for cartridge yield but uses different test pages – a standard suite of five test pages (Figure 1) to better meet the test requirements of colour toner cartridge yield.


Figure 1 The Five Standard ISO Pages

How does Print-Rite measure page yield using the ISO/IEC 19798 standard?

Following ISO/IEC 19798 guidelines, Print-Rite uses a standard suite of five test pages comprising a mix of text and graphics, which represents approximately 20% page coverage on aggregate, to test the page yield of its colour toner cartridges. The standard test suite is printed continuously on a designated printer system until each of the CMYK cartridges reaches end-of-life which determines the page yield for each cartridge.

Why is it important to You?

ISO/IEC 19798 is to estimate the average yield expected from a particular cartridge when measured using the ISO test methodology under controlled conditions. The test is not to predict the exact yield of each cartridges. It provides a scientific and objective criteria for the comparison of cartridge yields, which is important for manufacturers like Print-Rite to ensure their high product quality, and help user choose the right toner cartridge they need.