According to the report provided by Maximize Market Research, the global ink and compatible toner cartridge market was valued at $13 billion in 2021 and was estimated to reach over $19 billion by 2027, which is grew at a CAGR of 6.2% during the forecast period.

The ever-increasing ink and compatible toner cartridge market have shown an increasing number of cartridge manufacturers to enter the market and showcase their products on online buying and selling websites, such as Amazon. However, not all compatible toner cartridge manufacturers pay attention to IP (Intellectual Property) safe, and that’s why they fail in business.

This article will discuss why it is essential to be IP safe, the benefits and the most reliable compatible toner cartridge manufacturer with IP safe.

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Amazon Removes Compatible Toner Cartridges that Infringe IP

Over the past few years, large OEM toner cartridges suppliers, like Canon, have been working with Amazon to takedown compatible toner cartridge listings on the giant e-commerce site that infringes on their intellectual property. Canon, who started its campaign back in June 2018, have removed over 30,000 cartridge listings from Amazon.

This is why we have seen the sudden rise of IP-safe ink and compatible toner cartridge manufacturers. These IP safe products are built to deliver higher quality results without infringing on any intellectual property. Moreover, they have unique patents that can help resellers workaround without any risk of infringement.


• Superior Performance

Some IP infringing compatible toner cartridges use low-grade inks/toners that won’t pass the quality test and usually lead to leakages, resulting in poor performance. However, that’s not the case with IP-safe compatible toner cartridges.

IP safe compatible toner cartridges are built to deliver excellent performance. They can deliver high-quality color printing without toner leakage. In addition, IP-safe compatible toner cartridges are compatible with most products you can find in today’s market.

• Legitimate Usage

One of the biggest advantages of compatible toner cartridges is that they are carefully manufactured to follow IP regulations. As a result, there is no risk of infringing existing products, and marketplaces such as Amazon will not remove them under such rulings.


Print Rite’s IP Safe Compatible Toner Cartridges

Future market trends dictate that the use of IP-safe compatible toner cartridges is on the rise. Compatible toner cartridges, which are now a major part of the imaging industry, are rapidly being adopted for office, industrial and home use.

Print-Rite is one of the leading printer cartridge suppliers that can provide IP-safe products. For nearly 40 years, we have been developing non-infringing products without sacrificing quality and are 100% IP safe. In addition, we are considered one of the first to pioneer the development of IP-safe innovative solutions. Here is why our products stand out:

• High Innovation

Our compatible toner cartridges are manufactured by using our extensive experience in developing new technologies and designs. These high-quality products work around the legalities of copyright infringement and deliver quality performance and innovative printing.

As a result, our compatible toner cartridges consistently print high-quality text and graphics without toner leakage problems.

• Better User Experience

Our compatible toner cartridges are manufactured to deliver exceptional performance with high-quality color printing and cause minimal issues throughout their life cycle. With less maintenance and avoiding any toner leakage trouble, users will have an excellent printing experience.

• Good for Other Related Products

So far, we have delivered over ten thousand compatible products for inkjet, laser, and ribbon printers/copiers. The great compatibility makes sure that there is no extra consumption for other machine units so that you can easily find the cartridge needed to facilitate your particular hardware.


Conclusion: the Future of IP Solutions at Print-Rite

For the past four decades, Print-Rite has been working on developing compatible toner cartridges that are safe from IP infringement. Our goal is “to develop the most reliable, IP safe products with top-quality for the market.” Today, as one of the most well-known printer cartridge suppliers in the world, we have over 3,000 patents and are considered to be a pioneer in developing IP safe consumables.

If you are enthusiastic about our products, such as IP safe compatible toner cartridges, you can check our official website for more insight into our innovative solutions.