As World Intellectual Property Day is around the corner, the global e-commerce takedown cases have again come to light. For instance, the past few years have witnessed a soaring demand for compatible printer cartridges. It is supposed to delight printer consumable re-sellers, but they have to worry about the IP issue since the sunk cost is too huge to lose. 

Intellectual Property (IP) has been much heralded in recent years. While Print-Rite, as an IP guard in this industry, provides great attention to IP protection. On April 21st, 2022, we are going to hold an online webinar, where the patent solution is one of the most important topics.


We have noticed that the online sellers, instead of manufacturers, are severely hit by e-commerce takedown cases. That is why we, as a responsible IP guard, are committed to providing IP-safe printer consumables to our customers. So what have we done in this area? Before we get to that part let us first find out why printer manufacturers should think highly of IP protection.


Parties Related: IP Is Grabbing Our Throat

IP protection issue has haunted business owners and re-sellers for years to come. However, a more standardized e-commerce market requires IP protection, which will cause trouble to the infringers but also bring benefits to every IP guard. So how does IP protection benefit the business owners and re-sellers? Let’s dive in to get something more.

Preventing Lawsuits

From Canon to Brother, the endless suing cases showcase that companies now focus more on their IP rights. To avoid numerous lawsuits and considerable fines, we should all focus on IP protection instead of ignoring it.

Protecting Reputation

printer consumable

Reputation is of importance to a company that is committed to IP protection. The advanced Internet has made news spread rapidly, and the effect can be prolonged. After reading about the scandal of a company, customers will choose to avoid those products next time. So IP protection comes top of the list for companies to protect their reputation.

Promoting Innovation

Innovation is to companies what a pen is to the writer. Patent rights protection can be a booster to their innovation, which, on the other hand, can offer more advanced products, generating huge products for companies, clients, and other related parties.


Print-Rite: We Were, We Are & We Will Always Be an IP Guard 

On the way to offering IP safe products, we at Print Rite will commit to our role as a devoted IP guard. Through the continuous hard work in this area, we recognize that IP safe is vital to identify us from others, galvanizing us to pay more effort to become an IP guard.


Glory Examples

The following are some significant examples that can showcase our strength to make IP-safe solutions for various cartridge products.

Solution for Insulated Air Pressure (IAP) Toner Bottle:

The essential patents of copier, Insulated & Air Pressure (IAP), are held by Canon. The crucial patent can directly impact toner delivery performance during the printing process. Not grabbing the patent, many printer cartridge suppliers were sued by the OEMs.

But to deal with that, we developed IP safe compatible color copier cartridge for GPR-53/GPR-58 series. The design is employed with self-developed chips offering reliable functions. It has the following advantages:

  • It has an innovative patent design that helps avoid a lawsuit.
  • It is employed with a self-developed chip that can provide reliable function.
  • It harnesses imported toner that can ensure vivid performance on every printing.

Solution for TN760 / TN2420:

Reset gear is the most important patent point of Brother cartridges. In Jun 2020, 23 suppliers were sued by the company for their patent infringement.

To respond to it, we developed a Reset Wheel structure (RW2) for TN760/TN2420, which overturned the original driving method to friction-drive motion instead of gear-drive to avoid the further impact.

R&D Investment


We believe innovation and R&D are our core competence. Until Mar. 2022, 3,125 patents have been registered by our company to show our competence as an IP guard. With numerous resources, like workforce, time, and money at hand, we are committed to creating more IP-safe products to meet with various demands of the future market and our customers.


Conclusion: Long-term IP Issues & Powerful Print Rite

When soft power becomes another arena, IP has risen to a higher status for companies to compete. However, with surging cases related to IP infringement, how to protect IP becomes a long-standing and complicated issue.

We sincerely believe that IP protection is of importance to the development of a company, and we will continue to work hard to produce more IP safe printer consumables as we have done before, fulfilling our duty as an IP guard. Thus, welcome to our online webinar to learn more about how we act as an IP guard.