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3 Important Reasons Why We Redesign Our Business Website
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Have you done a company's website redesign recently?

We did it.

Let's be honest. A website redesign isn’t a task to take lightly. It requires quite a good deal of thought, time and potentially money, but the upside opportunity can be enormous. Now we are happy to announce that our new and totally redesign Union-Tec website is up and running. We hope that you like the new design and find it easier to navigate and more informative. We also want to share the reasons why we committed to this project and what we changed along the way, so you can hopefully, save time and a whole lotta headache down the line.

3 Reasons Why We Did a Website Redesign

1) Communicate and reinforce our company's core values.

Union-Tec is all about helping other companies achieve business success in supplying high quality aftermarket printer consumables also the master distributor of Print-Rite imaging products for export markets. We believe that to ensure long term success, companies need to honestly do business by respecting intellectual property, having a strong mindset towards innovation, and positively contributing to society, employees, business partners and shareholders.

Therefore we redesign with brighter, smarter interface that making our site simple to navigate and understand. After few months of tests, we started phase two of our redesign project, led by our Marketing Director, Shadow Wang. This time around we focused on visual improvements and adding some back-end functionality and you can see the results today.

2) Improve website usability for our visitors.

With the new design website, we hope to improve our site structure and the user experience. To do this, we added brand new section to the site, allowing user to browse through our extensive products range of Laser Cartridges, Inkjet Cartridges, 3D Printers, Copier Kits, Bulk Ink, Ribbons, Chips and more, and query through search box to learn about best practices of print consumable industry from our team and partners.

The new website includes a library of product list, brochures, e-newsletters, e-catalogue and videos (there is option to download it), let visitors have the chance to find out more about us and Print-Rite brand’s certifications and production facilities. We also introduced contact form to make it simpler for customers to get in touch with us and receive responses as quickly as possible.

3) Improve site performance to serve our customers better.

We created a new landing page, changing the formatting or sequence of page elements and adding new assets for testing site’s performance. Inbound leads are important to our marketing funnel, so we wanted to generate more high-quality leads by improving our website and strategy. We expanded on the type of content that lived on the site. We created the blog section (and make it easier to share with who you want), added corporate video and contact form to our website.

The redesign website also helped us move our branding project further. Our marketing collaterals, social media presence, online adverts, support site, blog are becoming more user-friendly & mobile-friendly.

About Union Technology International

Union Technology International (MCO) Co., Ltd. (Union-Tec) is a marketing and sales company specialized in supplying high quality aftermarket printer consumables and imaging supplies to worldwide markets. We are also the master distributor of Print-Rite imaging products for export markets.

Located in Macau, we enjoy proximity to Zhuhai, the 'capital' of China's printer consumables industry. The location also allows us to access the excellent infrastructure, facilities and other resources available in the nearby international city of Hong Kong.

Whether you are seeking a partner to manage outsourcing for private label products, or to purchase our reliable Print-Rite imaging supplies, Union-Tec is ready to serve you.

Have you done a website redesign recently? What were your reasons and what tips can you give to us? Share your thoughts about our redesigned website on our social media page.

Published on: 2018-01-08

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