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Wide Format Supplies
Wide Format Supplies
  • What are the wide format solutions offered by UTec?

    We supply full range of solutions: water-based dye and pigment ink, eco-solvent ink, cleaning solution and compatible refillable cartridge. They are suitable for use in most popular wide format printers. All inks are based on propriety formulas developed in-house by our experienced R&D team. A series of extensive and rigorous tests have been done to ensure our inks are of excellent quality, performance and compatibility.
  • How much ink does each compatible refillable cartridge hold?

    We have different volume for different models fitting the needs of different customers. In general, all our cartridges store more ink than the OEM cartridges, providing a cost effective solution to you.
  • How do we replace the ink?

    If you apply our ink cartridges to a new machine, you may use it directly as the operation of our cartridge is same as OEM ones.

    However, if you are using cartridges from other sources and switching to our cartridges, we recommend to clean your print heads thoroughly by using a suitable cleaning solution before inserting our ink cartridges. We further recommend you to use full set of cartridges from us instead of replacing only some colors.

    Please contact us for details.
  • How can I achieve the best printing results with your inks?

    We understand that you want to have the best and consistent print results with our inks. UTec could provide ICC profile for inks applying to your printer and the media you use in order to guarantee accurate and consistent color output on different media.
  • Do you provide product development service for wide format consumables?

    Backed by one of the most established aftermarket printer consumable manufacturers in Asia, UTec has the facility and capability to develop products according to your requirements and standard. Please discuss with our representative or contact us now.
  • What if my print head is damaged by your ink?

    "No print head clotting" is a basic development requirement for all our inks. We use high quality raw materials including pigments and colorants from top international companies and we use ultrafine filtration system in production. In addition, our inks are subject to rigorous testing during development and also sample checked before shipment. Therefore, we believe that they will not cause damage to the print head under correct and proper usage. Nevertheless, shall there be any valid query, we will analyze all relevant information in that particular context. If the damage of the print head is proven to be caused directly by our ink, we will bear all or part of the replacement cost.
  • How to get more information of UTec’s wide format products?

    By subscribing to UTec’s e-Newsletter, we will keep you up-to-date with the latest information of our products. Please click here and fill out the registration form.
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