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Print-Rite leads the way to your future success by doing things differently
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Since the boom of the printing consumable industry in the 1990s, Print-Rite production has been exhibiting in world-class trade fairs year over year. From Vegas to Shanghai, from Shanghai to Zhuhai, we saw a lot of potential (those days), at the same time we witnessed the changes among the industry. Amid a rapidly changing of imaging supply market, many of factories and suppliers left and/or moved to lower-wage countries. Definitely - finding the right location for the right price. But you know, it’s extremely challenging to find the right location, and then finding the right concept, then finding the right people to run that concept.

Print-Rite was established 37 years ago and today is universally recognized as an innovator and industry leader with an enviable global reputation and with a track record that is remains unsurpassed. Since its embryonic days Print-Rite has fully supported the imaging consumables business and has taken center stage at all the major trade show events year after year. Those trade shows attracted large crowds of new potential customers and we were very successful at transitioning new customers into lifelong customers that we partner with, to this day. But our industry has changed. It has been changing for some-time but the pace of change and the new paradigm shifts created mean that new innovations and ideas are needed to continue that success for the future. As an industry leader Print-Rite understands time is right for change and creative innovation.

Once- upon- a- time, as our industry story goes, the OEM had a monopoly on end user consumables to feed their printers, then came along the aftermarket remanufactured cartridge, a cheaper alternative with the added benefits of recycling for reuse. Firmly standing behind the Right to Repair Doctrine, remanufacturing became the legitimate alternative choice for those end users wanting to save money, and so the story goes for almost 30 years, with the aftermarket gaining share in a global marketplace. Now a third legitimate choice becomes available, a new built patent safe alternative cartridge range. Print-Rite leads the innovation of these products and has wisely invested in patented technology over almost 9 years to reach this point. The result is a formidable patent portfolio of 2700 patents and a product range that is consistently high quality, IP safe and at a price that is lower than a remanufactured cartridge price. Print-Rite embraces remanufacturing, recycling for reuse is good and still is, but, when our customers cannot make profits because the empty cartridge price has been manipulated and controlled we need to innovate. The result from Print-Rite is a new legitimate 3rd choice, which is better quality, completely IP safe and a more profitable choice for our global customers.

At Print-Rite we have had a long history of innovation and investment to develop patented technologies and innovative new materials. It is what we do. Last year at the RemaxWorld Expo event, held in Zhuhai, China under our "theme of Innovation is the future" we focused on showing customers the fundamental elements that make Print-Rite the world leader that it is. But this year we will make a fundamental change. This year’s 2018 RemaxWorld Expo event will not see Print-Rite with a booth, a deliberate and strategic, bold decision, that may come as a shock to some. No doubt you will hear our competitors shout Print-Rite is going out of business or can’t afford to show or some such story. Fact is our ROI from these events has shifted and now we measure in our ability to effectively communicate our message to our customer base. This year we will do that differently, and you are most cordially invited.

Print-Rite will hold its own interactive seminar. Here we will inform about our innovations, show how you can become more profitable in the future. Guest speakers will deliver information on how your business can survive and prosper and how Print-Rite can be the best partner to achieve your business goals by NOT doing the same old thing over and over again expecting different results. The industry is Not changing, its changed. Learn about the new 3rd choice, learn about the IP from the expert lawyers, see a vision for the future of your business and find out how to partner with Print-Rite.

We want to see you there, we want to listen to you and we want to work with you towards better success by doing things differently. Only then can you expect different "better" results.

For more information on the Print-Rite seminar or new built patent safe products, please contact sales@utec.com.mo

Published on: 2018-07-24

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