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Print-Rite voted among China's Top 100 most innovative companies in 2016
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Print-Rite voted among China's Top 100 most innovative companies in 2016 ( 12/22/2016)

Clarivate Analytics, the erstwhile Intellectual Property & Science business of the world renowned Thomson Reuters launched their inaugural report on China's most innovative companies in 2016 and identified them in the '2016 Top 100 Chinese Innovators report'. The report focuses on China's 100 most innovative enterprises, covering 23 different industries. Most companies are from the automotive, domestic appliances and electric power generation and supply sectors. Print-Rite Holdings Ltd. from Guangdong province, in the Consumer Goods segment and the only one in this category, was recognized as one among these 100 companies.

They conducted rigorous analysis based on 'four main criteria like patent volume, patent-grant success rate, invention influence (as evidenced by citations to an organization's patents over the most recent five years) and global reach - essentially the number of inventions filed for protection in countries outside China versus the total volume for that period'.

Along with celebrating 35 glorious years of successful business and many feathers on our hat, this recognition gives us more impetus not only to just push our boundaries further but also continuously keep delighting our customers and win their trust. Respect for the OEMs, indigenous innovation through dedicated R&D infrastructure and consistently developing patented technology is our forte because sustainable business is possible only through innovation and differentiation. And what we provide our stakeholders through these is 'hassle-free' business.

To read the full article, click on this link http://ipscience.thomsonreuters.com/news/chinas-100-most-innovative-companies-in-2016-span-23-industries-with-automotive-domestic-appliances-electric-power-generation-supply-sectors-leading-the-way/

Published on: 2016-12-22

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