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UTec Top Sales Performers - January 2016
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Riding high of all times, UTec sales teams are seen pushing the boundaries hard and leaving no stones unturned to crush all challenges to dust in 2016. Be it the holidays of the global winter season or the Chinese Lunar New Year, the working days were only few but the targets set high to stay in sync with the bigger picture of 2016 goals. And there was a fantastic start this year with all the teams proving their mettle in month 1 itself.

The Top Sales performer award was won by Coco of team Americas while the Runners Up was taken by Amy of Team Asia Pacific.

The best team award was won by Team Asia Pacific under the able leadership of Franco Lee. In the inset picture, the members of Asia Pacific team (L-R: Vicky, Jane, Franco, Jun and Amy) are seen taking the award from Mr. Kieran Ho, Dy. General Manager, UTec.

Published on: 2016-02-29

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