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UTec's 2017 Sales kick-off; the beginning of a new beginning
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UTec's 2017 Sales kick-off; the beginning of a new beginning ( 1/6/2017)

Print-Rite's master distributor Union Technology Int'l (MCO) Co., Ltd., aka UTec, hosted their 2017 Sales Kick-off meeting on 3rd January, 2017. The event was considered special in the history of UTec because a clear vision and action plan by department for 2017 was initiated with a gala celebration and saw the entire team committed to delivering the target with excitement.

Held at the Palm Springs Resort, Zhuhai, banquet hall, the meeting saw full attendance of the UTec team from sales, marketing and operations. UTec largely owes its success over the years to the tremendous unity and consistency of performance due to seamless coordination among the various departments, especially Sales, Customer Service and Marketing. With the newly restructured team in place, the meeting was inaugurated by the our Marketing Director, Miss Shadow Wang, who presented her plans for the year and vowed to be the strongest backbone which will drive the sales and deliver results. This was followed by team introduction, plans and goals from Operations, Digital Marketing and Product Management. Mr. Kieran Ho, DGM of UTec (in charge of global sales), was bullish about the capability and talent of UTec to strike every right chord and make most of the opportunity that the ever-changing nuances the printing aftermarket consumables industry brings to the fore in the coming days. A noteworthy mention in this aspect would be the changing wave in the industry and growing need towards IP safe products owing to the strict measures being taken by OEMs to limit companies, infringing their intellectual property. Print-rite stands tall with leading technology and avant-garde patents in place.

The operations team, which would have under its belt, the Customer Service Department, Quality team and Controlling team, will be the vehicle deployed in achieving Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. 

The Business Head of UTec, Mr. Antony Devadass, concluded the presentation session by reinforcing the basics of sales facts that self-belief, hard-work and adaptability to change are some of the most important virtues to success. He also reiterated that UTec's committed team is all equipped to set the ball rolling for 2017 and is confident that with the right team, product strategy and partners in place, achieving a 20% growth Y-O-Y is a must. The event ended with all the members having lunch together as they raised a toast to the New Year and a New Beginning.

Published on: 2017-01-06

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