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Print-Rite unveils its CoLiDoTM 3D Experience Centre at Sam's Club, The Mall, Zh
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1ST June is celebrated as the International Children´s Day. This year saw the occasion being made special at Zhuhai with another reason of joy.

Print-Rite inaugurated their CoLiDoTM 3D Experience Centre at Sam´s Club, The Mall, Zhuhai, today. This is the marking of a historical milestone for both Print-Rite and Zhuhai City, since it´s the beginning of our partnership with a world famous brand like Sam´s Club which is shows the growing popularity of CoLiDoTM across the world. This kind of a retail level experience center is not only one of a rare kind of an offering made available in Zhuhai for the first time ever but also a platform for various industries, big and small, to witness first hand, this revolutionary technology´s horizon changing impacts across categories ranging from education, medical science, to manufacturing, architecture, design and many more.

Visitors across different age groups were seen flocking in huge crowds brimming with excitement to catch a glimpse of the inauguration ceremony in the presence of senior dignitaries from Zhuhai government and Print-Rite group Chairman, Mr. Arnald Ho. Children had the time of their life being treated to interesting free gifts made from 3D printers and pens while many of them also tried their hands on 3D pens and their skills on 3D art. Some of the keen enthusiasts were seen spending hours gaping at the marvels of the 3D creations perhaps imaging the way these will eventually change the world. Mr. Peng came with his 8 year old son, Alan. On being asked about their experience in the 3D Park, Mr. Peng said "We have been coming here every evening since last Saturday, when the 3D park was opened. My son has suddenly found this 3D concept amazing since he can create what he imagines with CoLiDoTM printers and pens. I find he is doing a lot of reading too, thanks to CoLiDotm for this wonderful initiative" while 8 year old Alan kept busy taking photos of his favorite Angry Birds. Media persons of various platforms also attended the event and Zhuhai TV and a few others gave live coverage to the event.

Published on: 2017-06-02

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