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A Cross-field Art Feast -- PRINT-RITE 3D Artworks Were Displayed at Chow Tai Foo
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On March 9th, 2017, at the Chow Tai Fook China-France Art Exposition, artworks printed by PRINT-RITE lent a touch of mystery and technology to the show with their unique structures and beautiful lines. They are a highlight of the exposition.

The 3D art exhibition was held at Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. It managed an artful integration of 3D printing, art, science and technology, fashion and other elements. The artworks were selected from the finest and demonstrated the theme of art, science and technology and fashion. The show will last until March 31st.
3D printing artworks are eye-catching
At the show, PRINT-RITE presented four groups of 3D printing artworks. They are created by a talent team-ZeroHundred, renowned designer Steven Ma and Cyrus Mok using PRINT-RITE CoLiDo ® 3D printers. The works enable the audience to experience the unlimited potential of 3D printing. Sci-Fi elements were also built into the artworks.

At the opening ceremony, one guest said, "We have long considered 3D printing a technology. But we never expected that technology and fashion can be so perfectly wedded..."

Now let’s have a closer look at these artworks.

Coffee art wall - the 4m x 2m 3D art wall was the centerpiece of the exposition—the delicate patterns on the wall combine the soft and hard features. Zodiac signs - the table lamps decorated with zodiac designs in a contemporary style have demonstrated the boundless creativity and refined technology of 3D printing technology.

Cold and hot planet - ZeroHundred presented to the audience the complete urban development concept for cold and hot planet, including mechanical design, character set, architectures, weapons, transportation tool and so on. At the exposition, a fully 3D printed 1:1 electrical bicycle made the audience feel as if they were in the outer space. The running horses - designer Cyrus Mok got inspirations from the art of paper folding that he loved during his childhood and the horse-racing activities popular among Hong Kong people from the colonial era to this day. Paper horses were turned into 3D black horses. And the extraordinary artwork Running Horses was created.

3D printing breaks through the limits of fashion designing

Making fashion by 3D printing has been the dream of many people in the fashion industry. And nowadays, 3D printing is increasingly used in fashion shows. Only several years ago, 3D printing clothing was regarded as something futuristic. Now it is very likely to become the mainstream fashion element in the next decade.

Displayed at the exposition were also 23 3D printed clothing works designed by the Institute of Haute Couture in Paris and produced by PRINT-RITE 3D printing technology, a fusion of technology and art. It is believed that in the near future, everyone will be able to print clothes at home using 3D printing.

Institute of Haute Couture in Paris is a top international fashion school. With a long history and a set of acclaimed education methods in the fashion industry, it attracts students from around the world. It is reputed as "Harvard in fashion industry".

On that day, Chow Tai Fook also held a wedding show. The unique headwear worn by the model at the center stage was printed by PRINT-RITE.

Advances in 3D printing technology have gone beyond the limits of design and can accomplish what normal materials cannot. Free from the confinement of traditional manufacturing technology, this art perfectly matches technology with fashion. If current trends in 3D printing continue, we bet it will really make a great difference in the fashion world in the future. We are looking forward to that day!" said one fashion designer.

Published on: 2017-03-17

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