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Industry Trends
Aftermarket Toner Cartridge Takedowns On The Rise
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Following Canon’s year-long Amazon takedown campaign, aftermarket toner cartridge takedowns from online marketplaces seems to be increasingly rapid, in the third quarter of 2019. On October 31st 2019, Canon issued two reports stating that it has removed 400 listings from the Amazon sites in Canada and the United States and 2,656 listings from Amazon in five European areas in the third quarter of 2019, which is far higher than the 122 listings, removed in total, last year. Print Rite, as documented in the recent white paper published by Charles Brewer of Actionable Intelligence, has pioneered the Patent Safe Compatible product range for more than 18 years. Print-Rite clearly leads the way to better profitability with patent safe compatibles at the right price. So there is no need to take the risk with infringing products and no Amazon takedowns when using Print Rite compatible cartridges.

The rationale behind the OEMs’ attempt to control the increasing supply from third party resellers that sell products that infringe the OEM Intellectual Property and patent rights, is of course not surprising in view of the current market. Mr. Arnald Ho, the Chairman and CEO of Print-Rite, acknowledges Canon’s action as a “very smart move.” (see “Print-Rite’s Arnald Ho Discusses the Importance of Respecting IP”), but at the same time he mentions that it does not mean that resellers and distributors have no choice but continue to suffer OEM legal challenges. Resellers and Distributors need to look beyond just the price, the cheapest product invariable has lots of risk associated with it as well as indifferent print quality performance. Most resellers and Distributors want to be sustainably profitable whilst perhaps of more importance, they also want security. Print-Rite, offers both the profit margin plus IP security to its global resellers and distributors, with a legitimate not illegitimate, solution. So resellers and distributors, you do have a viable choice for a secure and prosperous future.

Having always stayed ahead of the herd by focusing on innovation, Print-Rite has invested intensively in developing new technologies many years before OEM’s started legal challenges to the industry. The white paper “Premium Compatibles Poised to Fundamentally Change the Third-Party Printer Supplies Market” published by Actionable Intelligence acknowledges Print-Rite’s efforts in developing non-infringing gears for use in its Canon and HP compatible toner cartridge. For further illustration, the white paper reports that Print-Rite was among the first companies to bring an alternative to Canon’s twisted-prism coupling which allowed Print-Rite to avoid engaging itself with any legal difficulties related to Canon’s 2010 and 2012 gear suits.

Maintaining the approach of proactively bringing to market new solution for customers, Print-Rite is far less vulnerable to any IP challenges. Throughout the US International Trade Commission's 337 investigations, Print-Rite released its PR3 dongle-gear solution which have acknowledged to be non-infringing by Canon and was launched to the US market as an alternative, extremely quickly so customers were safeguarded. Although the PR2 version solution was found not to be infringing Canon’s asserted patents by the ITC, Print-Rite still advised its customers to opt for the PR3, newer version, which was a sound and prudent solution provided by the company so customers had absolute confidence in the products. (see “Print-Rite and the legitimacy of Premium Compatibles”).

Print-Rite has long held a practiced fundamental that Intellectual Property breakthroughs can be a differentiator, and thereby become a key value add for its customers. Moving forward, the imaging supply industry expects to see OEMs continue to step up more litigation campaigns. Print-Rite will continue to respect Intellectual Property and patent rights of patentees while continuing its unwavering commitment and investment to design, manufacture, and deliver the best products with the best profit margins, yet most secure and reliable IP solutions, to its global resellers and distributors. We call them our partners.


Published on: 2019-11-21

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