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CoLiDo D1315 3D Plus Printer

Category: 3D Printer
Product Code: LMD210U
OEM Code:
Suitable for use in:

Apply for education, industrial manufacture, 3D photo studio, toys, culture, DIY, construction, archaeology, industry, medical and so on.


Designed for speed

Succeeding from D1315, the CoLiDo D1315 3D Plus Printer enables you to rapidly bring ideas to life. Every D1315 Plus 3D Printer features a circular print bed, which is perfect for displaying, teaching and learning, brings wide angle vision for all makers and viewers. Let’s enjoy the fantastic model-making experiences!

  • ● UPC:6955530994968(EU)/6955530994951(USA)
  • ● Ultra high resolution – 0.05 mm
  • ● Optimum build size – Φ 5.1″ x 5.9″ (Φ 13 x 15 cm)
  • ● Fast model building

What’s in the box:

  • ● CoLiDo D1315 3D printer
  • ● 50g PLA filament
  • ● Other accessories

You can download the user manual from https://www.colido.com/user-manuals/
Exclusive offers at CoLiDo.com:

  • ● Free downloads of 3D files made by CoLiDo
  • ● Email alerts when new 3D files arrive at CoLiDo.com



Faster Printing Speed

With simplicity in mind, our D1315 Plus has advantage of less complicated construction, non-moving build platform, as well as lighter moving parts, which add up to ensure high-speed, smooth and precise prints.

High Resolution

Print resolution of CoLiDo D1315 Plus is up to 50 micron, making it a great choice if user are looking for high cost-benefit ratio.

Energy Saving

Built with low-energy consumption function, CoLiDo D1315 Plus uses as less energy as a 60W light bulb consumes to run the machine for your prototyping needs, saving you money!

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