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CES Show 2018
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CES Show 2018

Greetings from Print-Rite!

The global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow 'CES 2018' starts on 9 to 12 Jan.

We will display true fireworks of innovative new products and solutions at booth 8507 in North Hall, LVCC, Tech East.

With 2 new 3D printer models launched this year, you could expect some really exciting features that make 3D printing easier, faster and more efficient as well as greater insights into this revolutionary technology.

We cordially invite you to take a detailed look at our novel products and discuss your needs and ideas with our experts.

See you in LVCC Las Vegas!

Venue: booth 8507, North Hall, LVCC, Tech East
Date: 9 - 12 Jan. (TUE-FRI, 4 days)

UTec Marketing Team

CES Show 2018 CoLiDo X3045 CoLiDo DIY CoLiDo D1315 CoLiDo 3D Pen

Published on: 2017-12-26

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