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Print-Rite OCTA 2018 Printing Industry Seminar Keynote Speaker - Steven Ma
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Steven Ma is the founder and Chief Design Officer of Xuberance since 2008 in Vienna, Austria and moved to Shanghai in 2014, becoming China’s first professional 3D-Printing Design Company provides customized design service, digital fabrication, professional training and 3D-Printing experience shop.

Steven Ma is the recipients of First Prize Winner for The SaloneSatellite Milan Award 2015 and China Interior Design Award for innovative design 2014. Recently the company led by Steven Ma also won The Best Innovation Award in Shanghai Industrial Design Association 2017 and Gold Medal of 3D-Printing, China Creative industrial Design Competition 2016.

Steven Ma has more than 10 years of architecture experiences including lead designer for Wolf Prix - Coophimmelblau in Austria and Hernan Diaz Alonso - Xefirotarch in Los Angeles. His remarkable working relationship with Print-Rite started in 2017 (More project info here) and he is one of the leading experts in the field of addictive manufacturing industry pushing the boundary of 3D-Printed consumer products and B2B design service in Asia right now.

The Print-Rite OCTA 2018 Industry Seminar will take place on October 18th in Zhuhai, China.

Register now for the Print-Rite's first-ever industry seminar OCTA Live.


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Published on: 2018-10-09

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