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Print-Rite Wins Gold Prize at Geneva
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Print-Rite has won the Gold Medal with the Congratulations of the Jury at the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva. This exhibition is recognized as the most important specialist event of its kind in the world and Print-Rite’s innovations have been recognized at this prestigious event in 2018.

Gold Medal with Congratulations of Jury – AMSS METAL 3D PRINTING TECHNOLOGY

AMSS (Additive Manufacturing Selective Sintering) 3D Printing Technology was first introduced in fall 2017. The AMSS 3D printing is similar to FDM printing in process and speed, only has three steps to build a 3D object using special metal filaments: Printing - Debinding – Sintering to a solid mass, presenting a cost-effective way for more corporations to integrate metal 3D printing into their workflows to improve productivity.

Print-Rite will continue to provide patent safe aftermarket imaging products and leverage R&D capabilities to develop more applied 2D & 3D printing solutions to benefit the print consumables industry at large, and drive the development with strong focus on innovation.

Published on: 2018-04-18

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